A Home Safety Product Inspired by a Close-Call

The inspiration behind StickySafe came in December of 2017 after experiencing a near-miss incident involving my daughter and her dresser. After scouring the internet for anti-tip solutions, I was disheartened to only find complex and destructive devices involving strings, straps, and wires. So, I put on my engineering hat and set out to design and build one myself.

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StickySafe | Anti-Tip Furniture Anchor Set

StickySafe | Anti-Tip Furniture Anchor Set

Sale price $19.99 Regular price $29.99

Family Pack (3 sets of our 2" hinges, plus adhesive)

Family Pack (3 sets of our 2" hinges, plus adhesive)

Sale price $45.99 Regular price $59.99

StickySafe Mini | furniture and fishtank anchor

StickySafe Mini | furniture and fishtank anchor

Sale price $17.99 Regular price $28.99

Furniture Tip-Overs by the Numbers

  • Each Year, 28,300 People Are Treated with Injuries Due to Falling Furniture.

    Children aren't the only ones at risk of injury. Over 14,200 adults we're injured between 2015-2017 due to tip-overs.

  • 92% of Tip-Over Fatalities Occur in the Home.

    A majority of these fatalities occur in the bedroom (46%) and living room (19%).

  • Yet, Only 27% of Parents Say They Secure Their Furniture to Prevent Tip-Overs.

    Our mission is to change this number.

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Do you offer colors other than black?

Each set of StickySafe devices comes finished in Original Black Oxide. For no additional fee, we offer to paint your StickySafe in White, Tan, and Brown. Keep in mind, paint will only cover the front, visible side of the hinge. 

What is your return policy?

We are so confident that you will love this product that we will accept full refunds within a 30-day period. We will even pay for the return shipping.

Where is StickySafe made?

StickySafe is designed and manufactured in Syracuse, NY using high-grade U.S. steel and American craftsmanship.

Do you have to use screws to hold it?

No, the adhesive that Stickysafe uses is strong by itself. We added screws and screw holes because every situation is different. Keep in mind that a removable adhesive is not permanent. 

How will they work in an earthquake?

Stickysafe is the best option for earthquakes. The hinge locks the furniture to the wall preventing it from smashing backwards and causing damage (The furniture moves with the wall).  For earthquakes you must screw the backplate to the wall. There is a chance that the adhesive will separate during a large earthquake. 

Does it have to attach to the side of the furniture?

No, Stickysafe can attach to any flat surface.  In most cases the very top on tall furniture is also the strongest place to put it.  It doesn't even matter what the angle is as long as the whole adhesive is making contact. 

Can they hold large fish tanks?

You can use either size for fish tanks, however the hinge comes out off the wall 6 inches so there has to be enough surface area to have strength to hold.   We suggest 3 or more inches on the glass.  Stickysafe is designed to hold up to 200 lbs when screwed to the wall and 4 inches of adhesive on the glass.